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North Cambridgeshire sits in the heart of the traditional Danelaw region and it’s from his Fenland studio that Úlfhéðinn produces a wide range of hand-carved equipment for the re-enactment and heathen/pagan communities.

A life-long Viking enthusiast, Úlfhéðinn is committed to producing quality individual pieces that are not only fully functional but also highly decorative. His unique style, incorporating heavy use of background tooling and cross-stitching is instantly recognisable and much in demand.

When not working leather, Úlfhéðinn devotes time to his family, enjoys running and martial arts, runs his own re-enactment group (Ormsgard! Dark Ages Re-enactment), reads Old Icelandic literature (having studied privately at Cambridge) and maintains his role as goði after receiving his goðorð from the eminent Sæmarr Þórsgoði in the early nineties.

Continuing in the Viking tradition Úlfhéðinn has travelled extensively throughout Europe, Scandinavia and the Far East finding much inspiration, artistic and otherwise, en route...

Wolf Angel - Wolf Hook - Makers MarkFor his maker’s mark Úlfhéðinn uses an incised Wolfsangel ("wolf-hook"), a German term for certain heraldic charges. It represents a stylized wolf-hook, a wolf-hunting device. This symbol is still used on a number of municipal coats of arms in Germany and has been compared to the Eiwaz/Eihaz rune.