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Bespoke Leather DesignsBEFORE ORDERING
To save time during initial discussions please consider the following criteria:

▶ Expenditure. Particularly the upper limit you’re willing to spend on an object, as this may determine the amount of materials, decoration and hardware fittings used in production.

▶ Use of Object. Is the intended use of the object practical, decorative or both? This may influence the weight/thickness of leather, layers of material, amount and placing of decoration, etc. Re-enactors may require a more ‘authentic’ finish and use of traditional materials, which I may have to order.

Exact Sizes & Dimensions. For obvious reasons! In certain cases, I may require an outline tracing, pattern or the actual object itself if a particular item is to be covered, encased or sheathed.

▶ Decoration. The size and placing of design/s, and copies of reference material.

▶ Colours. Leather items may be coloured in a wide range of dyes, stains, acrylic paints and antique gels, left uncoloured and natural-looking, or in combinations of colours to produce dramatic effects.

Bespoke re-enactment leather products▶ Finishes. A variety of finishes are available - acrylic shene, oil, dubbin, creme, gum etc. Each produces a different look or effect and choice of finish depends largely on the use of the item in question.

▶ Hardware. Full belt-sets, buckles, sliders, strap-ends, dividers, studs, suspension rings, o-rings, d-rings, zips, fasteners, rivets, closures/clasps and snaps, period or modern, all these and more can be made or sourced.

▶ Specific Delivery Dates. In certain cases I may be able to accommodate a client with a short deadline but this is undertaken on a case by case basis and will be determined by the roster of current projects.

To place an order, please contact me via e-mail. Once we have established your requirements I will confirm the total price and give an estimated delivery time. No deposit is required unless your order is unusually expensive, and I will happily cancel non-deposit orders at anytime.

All orders are bespoke and I may have a long waiting list. Delivery times change according to demand and are frequently revised.

Once your order has been completed I will send you an e-mail with photo/s for your approval and an invoice for the amount due. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, PayPal, International Money Orders (in pounds Stirling) or by cheque (cheques should be made payable to “Jason Howitt”).

Once I have received payment your order will be packed and shipped by insured carriage. Upon receipt of your parcel please carefully check the integrity of the packaging. If it looks like it has been compromised in transit please note it on the courier/postal receipt.

Alternatively, open it in the presence of the courier to check the contents and list anything on the courier’s receipt that is missing. It is extremely rare for anything to be lost or stolen in transit but should it occur, we will require evidence for any insurance claim. Once you have accepted your order please send me an email to let me know all is well. This is important because there is a time limit for claims for parcels lost in transit and I welcome feedback.